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OAA Spring Conference Feb. 24th & 25th
2013 Oregon Auctioneers Association Spring Conference is set for Feb. 24th & 25th at Courtyard Portland Southeast, Clackamas, Oregon.
NOW CASTING for "The Moment"
We are looking for individuals who had a dream of becoming an auctioneer. They pursued that career in some fashion, such as having attended auctioneer school or volunteering at charity auctions, but were forced to put their dream on hold. Now they are t
OAA News & Events
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Past Presidents

2001-02 President: Rick Leathers

2000-01 President: Rick Leathers

1999-00 President: Jim Miller

1998-99 President: LeRoy Headberg

1997-98 President: Buzz Steele

1996-97 President: Buzz Steele

1995-96 President: Ron Lewin

1994-95 President: Virgil Markus

1993-94 President: Virgil Markus

1992-93 President: Bill Free

1991-92 President: Bill Free

1990-91 President: Steve Van Gordon

1989-90 President: Steve Van Gordon

1988-89 President: Ron Cearly

1987-88 President: Ron Cearly

1986-87 President: Lee Woodill

1985-86 President: Paul Spence

1984-85 President: Len Zakula

1983-84 President: Gary Day